Audi • Volkswagen • Skoda

Pre Purchase Inspections - Mobile & In House, Sydney Northern Beaches & North Shore

Autobahn Diagnostics “Pre-Purchase Inspections – Mobile & In house”, will make buying your Audi, Volkswagen or Skoda a much easier process.

Thinking of buying a used car?

It may be new to you, but somebody has been driving the car you’re about to buy.

I will give you peace of mind when it comes to your purchase.

I have been offering my customers “Pre-Purchase Inspections” for years, and believe me, it is definitely worth carrying out!

Let a specialist used to looking at these cars help you.

With photos and detailed descriptions I will check:

    • Vehicle system diagnostic scan: – Electronic faults don’t always show as a warning light on your dash. Sometimes control units or sensors aren’t communicating correctly. Your new car may seem to be driving fine, but under the surface there are issues you may overlook.
    • Body/paintwork check:  I’ll let you know if the vehicle has signs of previous body repairs. This could make your car worth less money when you decide to sell, or could cause issues with water ingress, rust or wind noises etc, due to panel alignment or incorrect re-assembly of parts.
    • Interior equipment: – Sometimes the excitement of buying a new vehicle can allow you to overlook things that could be costly to repair once you notice them. A seat belt buckle not working. A broken trim piece or electrical switch not working.
    • Engine/Drivetrain and suspension check: – Oil and coolant leaks can be expensive to repair! The same goes for suspension components. Some parts may not be failing at time of purchase, but they may show signs of wear. Let me use my experience with these vehicles to guide you.

I can look at components prone to failure, see if they have previously been replaced, or check whether they may need replacement in the near future.

  • Previous service intervals and work carried out: – A lot of the time, a service book will be stamped by a repairer, but has the necessary additional scope of servicing been carried out?
    Are there invoices to prove the car has had a transmission service if it is not stamped in the book?
    These checks will let you know how much your car could potentially cost you in service work, before you look at any issues that may be present.