Diagnostic - Mobile & In house, Sydney Northern Beaches & North Shore

Audi, Volkswagen and Skoda, vehicle diagnostic, for customers living on Sydney’s Northern beaches and lower north shore.

Subject to availability, Autobahn Diagnostics can come to carry out an initial diagnostics where you are based. Helping those who don’t have time… Time to leave their family, their job, their daily routine, or time to waste.

  • Warning Light on your dash you don’t understand?
  • Is your vehicle just not driving or starting like you feel it should?
  • Noise or smell from your vehicle your not comfortable with?

These faults could be caused by any number of components.

With Autobahn Diagnostics, I will make it my priority to get to the bottom of your issue, whether you drop the car to my workshop, or I come to you at a time that suits.

Simply submit a booking. I will contact you confirming availability, drop off time (or the place of collection) , and describe your fault.
Simply book a time slot, a place, and describe your fault.

I will be prepared and ready to help.

I use the most advanced techniques and equipment to help diagnose your vehicle in the shortest time possible.
I will take photos and explain your fault clearly and in detail. I will also give you a cost on repair or what steps need to be taken next.

Each “Diagnostic – Mobile & In House” service, receives a scan and computer report free of charge as you only pay for the diagnostic labour cost.

Please see “About Me” and “My Experience” to get a picture of exactly how you, and your vehicle will be treated.