Training with Audi/Volkswagen – 8 years
Head diagnostic technician for Audi/Volkswagen specialist workshop – 5 Years

Audi/Volkswagen training courses completed:

Wiring Diagrams- Reading wiring diagrams to find electrical/electronic issues efficiently.

CAN-BUS/Controller Area Network. (This is how sensors and control units  communicate) – Viewing signals and using the information to locate faults.

Vehicle Electrics- Understanding components, from a door lock to a radiator fan, and accurately Diagnosing a customer issue, through electrical and mechanical means.

Engines- Petrol and Diesel, FSI and Common Rail Diesel Injection (CDI)

DSG (Direct shift gearbox)Transmission- 1 week with Audi/Volkswagen Ireland working on, understanding, diagnostics, and repair.

I have also undergone numerous courses after moving on from VAG Europe. Vehicles are an ever-changing platform. To stay on top of exactly how they work, we as technicians need to adapt, and evolve with each new system that becomes available.